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Meet The Team

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Dr Naren Senthil Nathan

(MBBS   PGCertMedEd   MRCGP)


Dr Naren qualified from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Medical School and has about twenty years of experience as an NHS doctor and GP.

Dr Naren has extensive experience in medical education as an educator of GP's and a Training Programme Director for GP Training which has meant he has constantly kept up to date of latest medical practice.

Dr Naren has held senior roles including that as an 'External Advisor for the Royal College of General Practioners (RCGP)' where he oversees a quality assurance process to ensure certain standards are met.

This has stood in him good stead when keeping afloat of the latest trends in aesthetic medicine and thus ensuring he keeps patient safety at the centre of his work.

Throughout his medical career he has strived to provide a 'patient centred approach' .By following this approach in aesthetics he aims to work with his patients in a collaborative way to achieve great aesthetic results that have a positive impact on patient's confidence and wellbeing.


At the centre of his aesthetic work, he has immaculate attention to detail and aims to provide natural results. He won't accept anything less than an excellent standard of work in his work in aesthetics.



Formal Qualifications

MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne


PGCertMedEd – Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education

De Montfort University


MRCGP – Member of the Royal College of General Practioners




General Medical Council (GMC) registered

Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated in his NHS GP work

Medical Performers List registered

Approved GP Trainer on the GMC Register

Approved NHS GP Appraiser


Why choose Dr Naren?

Dr Naren undertook his journey in aesthetics medicine by being trained by an internationally renowned doctor and surgeon. He wanted to learn the safest techniques whilst at the same time ensuring the highest quality of work and results for his patients.


Dr Naren frequently reviews latest guidelines and practices in aesthetic medicine ensuring you will be receiving the most up to date treatments which are safe and aesthetically pleasing.

In his personal time, he enjoys spending time with his family including his two children and enjoys exercising.


Ultimately, your joy and happiness in the work that he provides is all the motivation he needs to keep going!

Swathi Dhoddusamy

Co-founder & Advanced Aesthetician

A dedicated mother of two, is the co-founder of the Skin Firm and an accomplished aesthetic practitioner. Her unwavering passion for skincare led her on a transformative journey from a successful career in Information Technology to becoming a trailblazer in the beauty industry.

With a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and a wealth of experience as a Technical Architect for pharmaceutical companies, Swathi seamlessly blends technological expertise with beauty acumen, reshaping the aesthetic landscape.

Certified in beauty therapy and armed with specialized training in anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, Swathi is committed to integrating science and technology to redefine aesthetic care
standards. Her collaborations with industry leaders like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Boehringer Ingelheim have empowered her to develop innovative solutions, elevating the skincare journey for her clients.

Join us at our aesthetic clinic and experience a realm where science harmonises with timeless beauty.

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