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Expert Skin Booster Treatment in Sheffield 

At The Skin Firm, in Sheffield, we provide full skin booster treatments administered and overseen by the qualified and experienced Dr Naren, or our advanced aesthetician, Swathi. Through our vast experience and high-end products, our skin booster treatments can help you achieve a firmer, more radiant complexion. 

Skin boosters are injectables that improve skin texture, elasticity, hydration and overall appearance. Skin booster treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid which is a soft, gel-like substance under the skin, which improves the skin's elasticity, firmness and radiance giving an overall GLOW.

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Find Your Glow: Skin Boosters 

We prioritise aesthetic expertise and medical experience at The Skin Firm, to make sure you get the youthful look to your skin that you desire. Our skin boosters are effective and reliable, bringing hydration and glow to your skin. In consultation with our medical expert, Dr Naren, you can aid your skin’s natural healing and regenerative properties with skin boosters in Sheffield. 

Skin Boosters: The Benefits

Our skin boosters come with many benefits, with softer, more hydrated, smoother skin that looks and feels more youthful. Skin boosters are also a highly effective treatment for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. We combine the medical expertise of our staff and high-quality products to ensure the best possible results. Dr Naren, our medical professional at our clinic in Sheffield, is extensively qualified in aesthetic medicine for safe procedures and the best results. 

Depending on the type of skin booster and ingredients some of the potential benefits include:

  • Improved and more radiant complexion

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

  • Healthier skin tone

  • Better hydration –  ‘glowing’ skin

  • Firmer skin texture and tone

  • Improved skin elasticity

  • Reduced dry patches

  • Improved overall appearance in skin tone

How Skin Boosters Work

Skin booster injections are a soft, gel-like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This is a substance that occurs naturally in the skin and holds incredible amounts of moisture. However, HA depletes with many factors including age, sun damage, genetics, smoking and environmental factors which is what causes skin to become dry and dehydrated. Microinjections of hyaluronic acid restores the moisture in the skin, which improves its elasticity, firmness and radiance. Skin Boosters are injected using microdroplet or mesotherapy technique of tiny injections. This process of delivering skin boosters also triggers the skin’s own repair resulting in collagen production and improved skin elasticity.

 The Results 

Skin boosters will begin working under your skin right away to rehydrate and smoothen. Full results will take time, though you will notice a difference immediately after the first procedure. After two to three weeks, you should begin to see the results in full, as the boosters work alongside your skin’s natural regenerative properties. Within only a short time, you will notice the wrinkles and fine lines in your face beginning to smoothen. Using top brands Profhilo and SeventyHyal, we ensure the best possible results. 

Why Choose The Skin Firm in Sheffield 

At The Skin Firm, our focus is on your satisfaction and the quality of our results. Skin boosters are a non-invasive technique that will help restore your skin’s natural radiance. Many factors, including those beyond our control, can deplete our natural levels of HA and boosters are the ideal way to restore this natural property of our skin. 
  • Can lip fillers look natural?
    Yes. It is entirely up to you how enhanced you wish your lips to look. Our highly skilled practitioners have years of experience working in aesthetics and can help you achieve a natural-looking result.
  • Do lip fillers hurt?
    The procedure is generally well-tolerated by most patients. However, some discomfort may be experienced during the injection process. Local anaesthetic injection or topical anaesthetic cream is used to minimise discomfort.
  • How long do lip fillers last?
    The duration of the results depends on various factors such as the type of filler used, the amount injected, the patient's metabolism and lifestyle. Generally, lip fillers last upto 12 months.
  • What is the recovery process like?
    The recovery process is generally quick and straightforward. Patients may experience some swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection site, which usually subsides within a few days. If you want your lips filled before a big event, like a wedding, you should schedule the procedure at least two weeks ahead of time to make sure you've completely recovered. Your practitioner will recommend an aftercare plan, including advice on what to do and not do following treatment.
  • Can I drink alcohol after lip filler?
    Alcohol should be completely avoided 24 hours before and 24 hours after the treatment. This will help to speed up the healing process and reduce bruising.
  • Will I look dramatically different after my lip filler?
    To avoid looking dramatically different in a way that doesn't align with your goals, it's important to choose a qualified and experienced practitioner, clearly communicate your expectations, and start with a conservative approach. You can always add more filler later if you desire a more significant change.

Book a Consultation 

At The Skin Firm, we provide transformative results based on your desires and expectations for premium skin booster treatments at our medical aesthetics clinic in Sheffield. Book a consultation with Dr Naren today. 
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